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  • Baby Dedication Day

    I think it’s lovely to celebrate the arrival of a new baby with the people you love. Depending on your religious beliefs many families have a special ceremony whether it be a Christening, Blessing ...

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    Baby Dedication Day
  • Peony Farm Visits

    Every year out little family goes to visit the Spring Hill Peony Farm.  I love flower farms and they are one of my favourite Spring PYO events.  Last year when we visited I was shooting this pretty ...

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    Peony Farm Visits
  • Welcome Baby

    I've been a little absent from the blog but not without good reason.  We welcomed baby number three into the family which has meant taking each day as it comes, managing sleep deprivation ...

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    Welcome Baby
  • Sovereign Hill Lost Trades Holiday Worshops

    On the weekend my little family visited Sovereign Hill. We actually visit often as I hold a membership however this trip was a extra special as my sister (Finding Femme) and I were invited to try some ...

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    Sovereign Hill Lost Trades Holiday Worshops
  • A Berry Special Afternoon

    I always love a Pick Your Own event and one of the best things about summer is visiting a local farm to pick fresh fruit. I recently found these images from last summer where our family took a little ...

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    A Berry Special Afternoon