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  • Ada’s Baby Dedication Day

    Poor Ada being baby number four has definitely missed out on her share of things. Not only did we forget her first birthday but we never managed to organise her blessing day. A bit like a christening ...

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    Ada’s Baby Dedication Day
  • Where the Wild Things Are – Jett turns two!

    Earlier this year we celebrated Jett turning two. She missed out on having a first birthday party last year because of covid restrictions so when we could have a small number of visitors between ...

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    Where the Wild Things Are – Jett turns two!
  • A life update for 2021

    So my Out-Of-Office has been a little longer than anticipated and somehow evolved from maternity leave to extended pandemic leave!  The reality of day-to-day life this last twelve months has ...

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    A life update for 2021
  • A family of six

    A special little start to 2021 with the arrival of this little sweet heart. Consider this my Out-Of-Office notification for the next little while as we throw ourselves into the chaos of newborn life ...

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    A family of six
  • Ballarat Spoonville Guide

    Firstly, let me give a shout out to all my fellow parents surviving the Victorian lockdown whether you’re juggling work from home, home schooling or keeping toddlers busy or all of the above! If ...

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    Ballarat Spoonville Guide